Registration deadline – 07/04/2015

Dear “SpaceUpers”,

Now it’s time to make an important announcement: the registrations will close next Tuesday 7th April 2015 at 23:59. The event is approaching very fast and most of our preparations are done to welcome you during these two days at the ISU campus.

Registrations are still open here so don’t hesitate to join us for these two passionate space days in Strasbourg and a memorable Yuri’s Night.

For any question or information, please contact the team:


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European Space Navigation Competition supporting SpaceUp ISU

We are proud to announce the support of the European Space Navigation Competition for SpaceUp ISU.


By organizing two competitions based on two major european space programs (Galileo & Copernicus), ESNC provides opportunities for students, SMEs, entrepreneurs to submit ideas that make use of satellite navigation / earth observation in everyday life: it’s all about space technology and how we can use it down on earth. The best ideas are awarded each year and prizes are given by all the main stakeholders in Europe such as the European Space Agency, the European GNSS Agency, The German Aerospace Center, Airbus, European Space Imaging. In total for both competitions almost 40 different prizes are awarded each year that shall help participants to take the next step with their idea.

All information about the ESNC and the Copernicus masters will be available during SpaceUp ISU. If you want to know more:

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British astronaut Helen Sharman at SpaceUp ISU

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Helen Sharman, former British astronaut and first european woman in space, is joining us for SpaceUp ISU.

Dr Helen Sharman

Dr. Helen Sharman (Credits: Kingston University London)

After obtaining a PhD in chemistry from Birkbeck, University of London, Dr. Sharman was selected as the first British astronaut in the commercial program known as Project Juno in November 1989. Following training in Star City, she flew aboard Soyuz TM-12 mission to Mir station, along with Sergei Krikaliev and Anatoly Artsebarsky the 18th May 1991.


Soyuz TM-12 Mission Patch (Credits: ESA)

For eight days, Dr. Sharman dealt with medical, agricultural tests, orbital photography and social event as a radio hookup with British schoolchildren during Project Juno. She returned safely to Earth abord the Soyuz TM-11 the 26th May 1991


Soyuz TM-11/12 crew (Manarov, Sharman, Krikaliev, Afanasyev)

During SpaceUp ISU, Dr Sharman will present the international and intercultural aspects of her time training and working with the Russians during the Juno mission and her experience in the Russian space station.

50 years of humans in space: Dr Helen Sharman (ESA)

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SpaceUp ISU countdown is starting !

Welcome on the SpaceUp ISU website.

Here you can find all the information you need concerning SpaceUp, registration and space Yuri’s Night at the International Space University.



A SpaceUp at the International Space University and a Yuri’s Night event.


At the International Space University campus.


11th/12th of April 2015


See you soon in Strasbourg !

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